Creating inner peace

The past few days as I settle into the post-summer routine and focus on my priorities through 2017 and beyond, I am extremely optimistic for the future.

In the office, my team and I are in sync, our key portfolio companies are performing well, and we are looking at super cool technology created by amazing entrepreneurs.  Our next milestone is successfully closing Fund III with institutional investors.

On the home front, things are equally great with a happy wife, healthy kids and everyone seems to like each other at this present moment.

Ironically, even as I optimistically move into a new phase of life marked by amazing physical, mental and spiritual growth – there are still those out there that don’t get it.  They are rooted with outdated programming that makes it impossible for them to understand that that in order to bring peace, we all need to give each other space so that each of us may find peace within.  And the journey to find inner peace is one that takes a lot of work, self-reflection and a tribe of people to support you through the journey.

I know because I’ve been on a few different journey’s thus far, and each has presented its own challenges, and ultimately its own reward.

For example, if you make time to meditate every day, then your reward is your own internal peace – even if only for a few minutes.

It sounds simple to sit with one’s self and reflect to create space – your own internal space where there is no judgment, no haters – just your own happy space.

When I was in my own space recently, I reflected on the things that matter.

First and always, my family – Angie, Elvis, and Scout. It’s important to remember how blessed we are and to incorporate that gratitude in our daily lives. We should all wish that people remember that family – whatever it may look like in your life – is the fundamental building block for communities.

Second, my amazing group of friends – those I’ve served with, those I’ve worked with and those I’ve partied with – how thankful I am to the journey we’ve shared to this point and how excited I am for what’s to come.

Third, to all the teachers and mentors who have provided guidance and knowledge along the way.   If you know who you are – then you know how much I appreciate our relationship.  And if you are among the group that has been invaluable without even knowing it, I hope at some point you realize how much you’ve positively impacted my life.

I hope that each day, we all take one more step toward being more thoughtful and loving – our children deserve it.

Here’s a little tune to bring a little peace and harmony to your day.


Creating inner peace

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