The Devaluation of America

I’m on a flight from Mexico, studying my book on Hawaiian Adventurer Shamanism and I’m truly grateful for where I am in the life.  

I finally have a full appreciation for how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I share this life with. For without them, life wouldn’t be life.

But then, as I fill out my Mexican Customs Declaration form and enter my nationality “USA,” I am immediately shaken from my bliss with disappointment.

I am disappointed in my country.

After years of service and loyalty, I fear we have lost our way.

Our President represents our confusion. 

We’ve been dealing with so much change as a nation and a culture as we’ve grown from our humble beginnings to where we are today.

America has always been the greatest country in the world.  But I fear America may become a has-been if we don’t make a change.

But in the last few years our nation has been crashing – literally and figuratively.

Our beloved Navy had four accidents resulting in the loss of life and the removal of the Admiral in charge.

I’m pretty sure rule number one in the Navy is don’t crash your ship.   

When I see Nazis marching in the streets and teenagers dying from opioids in every community, then I fear our ship, USA, is crashing.

Luckily, I’ve lost my way before and I know how to find focus.

And focus – being present – is the key to not crashing.

First, ask ourselves what is truly important?

If the answer doesn’t include love and gratitude, then rethink your answer.

Second, ask ourselves what it means to be free?

If that answer doesn’t include love and respect for others, again, rethink your answer.

Third, ask ourselves what it means to be tolerant?

This answer involves a world without hate and violence against any other race, sex, nationality.

America is supposed to be a role model.  A place where ANYONE can be free.

It’s true – our skin is different today than 100 years ago.  Tanned and strengthened by the immigrants that built this country.  Our strength should lie in the diversity of our community.

Let’s remember what made us great.  

The Devaluation of America

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