Nazis in America

There was a time when seeing this headline anywhere in the United States would have implied an invasion.

It would have been no different than the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor or when the towers fell on 9/11.

But yesterday I saw chilling images from Charlottesville.  They were the view of the riots from inside the city’s oldest Synagogue.   

During the protest, the congregants were trapped while outside Nazis armed with AR-15s pointed them toward the front doors.  

These Charlottesville based American Jewish citizens, were threatened on US soil.  

To me, this represents an act of war.

And thus, I call for a National Ban on the Nazi flag and all similar memorablia as it represents a symbol of hate, violence, racism and the belief in genocide.

Second, I call on the American people to unite in Amending the Constitution of the United States to more clearly address that affiliation with any group focused on hate, violence, racism and genocide will result in the forefiture of certain constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms, the right to freedom of speech and the right to assemble.

This is the only option.

I will not stand by and allow the destruction of America.  

I will not allow racism and discrimination to exist.

The Constitution by design ia supposed to ensure the safety of all citizens and the survival of the country.

Today, black people fear the police, immigrants fear ICE, and Muslims fear Nazis.

The time for permanent change is now.

I call on everyone to do your part in making a better, safer, world.

Nazis in America

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