Most people are totally freaked out by President Trump and the current state of politics in the United States.   It seems that some of the most basic principles and values that we strive for as Americans are getting challenged on a daily basis.   We still struggle internally with racism and sexism as a country divided by geography and generations of discrimination and hatred.  Perhaps this is our generations civil war.

Now we have begun to turn this hatred outward and create policies that seemingly demonstrated our President’s willingness to violate the law and spirit of the Constitution.

But perhaps there is one silver lining – people of all races and religions are uniting in the streets and standing up for what they believe in.

The multi city women’s marches and the current airport rallies protesting the immigration ban demonstrate that there are Americans who are willing to unite and stand up for our values.

Many Americans feel that the immigrant ban will fuel American hatred around the world and give ISIS a powerful recruiting tool.    But yesterday I heard from a friend in Iraq that one Iraqi said that while they often wondered about America, now that they see our citizens taking to the streets protesting the immigration ban, they know America is a great place.

Protecting freedom is our duty as Americans.   Make sure you do you part.



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