As we build this wall, we separate ourselves from the spiritual center of humanity

To my friends and all of us entering the time of higher awareness, I hope this post gives you a sense of hope.

And to those who have no idea what I am taking about, I hope this post makes you contemplate what it means to elevate yourself to a higher consciousness.

A quick history lesson, the Mayan civilization appeared and disappeared in 3000 years. Once the dominate civilization of Central America, it is believed their time on Earth is of celestial origin and their swift departure represented their sacrifice to end a low vibrational state for humanity and Mother Earth.

The Mayan have seven prophecies which pretty much sum up the current state of the world.   I encourage you to read them.   For there is hope for humanity and Mother Earth but it requires us all to become more aware.

I know the news and media rhetoric is difficult to handle these days, but please stay positive.

Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un and the rest of these idiots are insignificant.

Live in a higher state.   Love in a higher state.

I leave you with this quote:

When the Sky God came to the Mayan People, he brought with him the Universal Principle of Integrity, and instructed the people to operate always from a center of unconditional love, honesty and compassion. He taught the people that they must live by a code of conduct that would be impeccable, and that they should seek to benefit and care for one another, to live in harmony with the planet and all other life forms. (Source)

As we build this wall, we separate ourselves from the spiritual center of humanity

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