Key things in the fridge 

Digestive health is key for the immune system to work properly and ensure you can withstand the fluctuations of weather during these bizarre seasonal times.
My friend asked me to share, so here it is:

(1) Kombucha – I love the synergy ginger berry flavor.  I take one sip in the am when I wake up and one before dinner.  This is a healthy natural probiotic for digestive health.

(2) Kevita – This is a great tonic although not always easy to handle.  The apple cider vinegar tumeric and ginger with probiotic provide a super healthy shot.   Normally I take one sip in the am

(3) Pure Aloe Force – There’s lots of different aloe vera products and brands but this is one of the highest qualities I’ve found.   Take a sip every am and anytime your throat tickles as it’s a super powerful elixir for indigestion and inflammation.

Hope this helps.

More to come…

Key things in the fridge 

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