This is the year to crush it!


I wanted to start off by wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

I have great hopes and aspirations for 2018 after a transformational and sometimes difficult 2017.

In order to achieve my goals, I am focused on following some basic guidelines to help me perform at my best.

They are as follows:

Keep a journal of food consumption, exercise, breathing, and meditation to create self-accountability

Focus on maintaining a daily practice of breathing, meditation, and yoga

Eat healthily – focus on eliminating sugar, gluten, and foods that cause inflammation (ie nightshades)

Continue to live an alcohol-free lifestyle

Eat vegan two days a week

Intermittent fasting two days a week

Make sleep a priority and focus on going to bed before 1030 pm

Take an Epsom salt bath nightly

Execute the Scout 2018 business plan

Be happy.



This is the year to crush it!

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