This week there was another senseless terror attack. The only difference was it was on my block.

This made Halloween a surreal experience – one in which I had a conversation with Anderson Cooper while dressed as a giant banana.

Parents and kids were confused about how to respond. Many of the local schools were on lockdown from 3-6pm with parents unable to get their children. This left a large group of kids trapped inside before they could get out and enjoy the Halloween festivities.

My cell phone was inundated with a steady flow of people texting and calling to make sure Team Harrison was safe. And luckily, everyone was safe and spending our time on the other side of the neighborhood with the kids closest friends. Angie and I didn’t want the incident to ruin Halloween.

I was thankful for the strength of our community. Everyone immediately connected.  People communicated and tried to calmly assess the reality of what had transpired.

A terror attack on our street.

And on the walk home I was suddenly confronted with trying to answer my son’s constant stream of questions about ISIS etc.

And now we all must learn how to respond when your 9-year-old son or 7-year old daughter asks about being safe on their block – in AMERICA.

As a community, various parents and kids were exposed to a scary reality of the 21st century – a radicalized foreign born terrorist.

But not only a few weeks ago, that a homegrown American terrorist.

These are confusing times.

It is more important than ever that we define what we want for our life and our community.

Love – Happiness – Peace



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