Australia – The Next Scout

And after two years of looking at international markets that make sense for leveraging our experience and network, we’ve finally found a home.

Australia – The Next Scout

One thought on “Australia – The Next Scout

  1. Hey Brad, firstly, love your nickname, “Mayor”.
    I hope you can make some impact downunder. It’s a very frustrating market for entrepreneurs securing funds, any funds, and on any reasonable terms. I keep seeing posts of fellow entrepreneurs who have packed up and doing it in the USA. It’s been that way for decades. You’ll be welcomed with open arms in Australia, trust me.
    I have a Pitch Deck on a venture I have co-founded. Late seed/Series A, rapid deploy, Big Data, FinTech, market host and disrupter. Plenty of interest, but still talking to people.
    I’ll drop a message on your site, but if you have an email you’d like it sent to, DM me on twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn etc.
    I’m looking to get some paid consulting helping and assessing entrepreneurs here and in the USA, as I’m donating a lot of the time currently to others who, strangely are strapped for cash.
    Anyway, hope to say hi in person some time soon.
    Best regards


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