Love and Adversity

As many of you know, I spend a lot of time on self improvement and increasing my spirituality through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Last week, when I was dealing with a difficult personal challenge, my acupuncturist suggested that I watch two videos from Matt Kahn.

The first titled “Freedom from Adversity,” is a very unique perspective to help deal with the challenges in ones life.

The second is titled “The Love Revolution” and Matt has a very powerful message that I wanted to share:

“You have one breath right now

What if in this reality, you have only one breath

What if the power of your choice was with this one breath 

To give it to creating harmony, peace, and resolve for all hearts

To wiping out the history of persecution and violence

Purifying all lands 

Creating abundance for all beings 

And creating a world where all can thrive and prosper and share their gifts

All you have to do is take the breath, and give it to saying to your heart and to others ‘I love you.'”

I really urge everyone to take the time to watch these videos and I hope they help bring peace and love.

Love and Adversity

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