Reporting is one of the most important tools for any management team to effectively run their business.  But unfortunately, its a skill that most entrepreneurs lack.  This is the result of many entrepreneurs never working in an organization that stressed the importance of reporting and accountability.  It is also the result of most entrepreneurs viewing reports as a big time suck instead of a valuable tool.  Thus, entrepreneurs tend to avoid developing a consistent cadence of reporting with their teams, investors, and/or advisors.

Here’s why reporting can make all of us better:

(1) It demonstrates an understanding of the metrics that drive your business and are critical to keeping the team focused on what is important

(2) Holds everyone accountable for their performance

(3) Sets a culture of openess and transparency

With that said, our portfolio company LeagueApps delivers a solid monthly report on the 5th of every month.    We like their format:

  • Health of businesss
  • Key Headlines
  • Summary of Performance Metrics
  • Financials
  • Investment / Capital Requirements
  • Business Highlights
  • Product Update
  • Technology Update
  • Personnel Update
  • Marketing, Press and Media Coverage
  • Areas that Need Improvement
  • Personal Updates on team, family, etc (ie founder has new baby)

We hope this helps.


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