Podcasting, greed and not wasting time on bad people.

So today is Day 3 of my podcasting adventure and I realized it’s not as much about actual podcasting.  In fact, the idea of recording my thoughts and sharing with people has been something I’ve been trying to do for quite some time.

Recently, my Facebook live shamanistic flute performance received a lot of positive feedback. I think people appreciated the raw creativity.

I realized that the podcast will require a lot of work to build a meaningful audience, but I am committed to trying to share interesting content.

As part of that, today I decided to mix the mediums from written and spoken word, as if I was hosting my own virtual open mic spoken word.   I have great memories of U street in DC with Jim DeLorenzo watching as he and others shared their creativity. So anyone that wants to hit me with something interesting to chat about, let’s see what happens.

Today’s topic comes from an entrepreneur that called me for help.  He moved out west with his great idea and a co-founding CTO.

His business requires a physical presence and the space he identifies is owned by forward thinking real estate owners.  He also brought in his first investor, described as a finance guy, who originally agreed to $6M valuation for his 3%.

But the business needs more capital to survive. It’s never been properly capitalized.

So, the real estate guys, who originally traded real estate for equity, are now squeezing him and re-trading the equity split from their agreed original deal.

This motivates the finance guy to re-trade his deal. Why not, right? What’s the value of his word or the original deal, especially now that the other guys are being greedy?

It might be a better use of his time, introducing one friend to simply match his investment.  Coincidentally, it’s the exact amount the business currently needs.

Coincidentally, it’s the exact amount the business currently needs.

Everyone’s being greedy to the guy who originated the idea.  He just wants to build a cool business.

My friend is smart, loyal and strives to always do the right thing.

Unfortunately, at Scout, we say there are four things that kill early stage companies.

At this point in the creation of this content, my iPhone died.

“I don’t mind a harpsichord in general but…”

This is what gets inserted into your blog post when your phone dies during a moment of creativity and you ask a cool friend for their phone to finish.  Thank you, Gael…now resuming my post.

At Scout, we abide by the Rule of 4. The four basic things that can critically kill a startup.

1) Running out of money

2) Bad critical hire on the early team

3) Bad early investor

4) Bad anchor customer or launch partner

The story of my entrepreneur friend tonight is one, where he, unfortunately, failed in the most critical thing needed to win – building a great team.

To all the entrepreneurs out there that have made any of those mistakes; we all have. Just don’t ever waste your time trying to work with bad people. You don’t get that time back.

A special ‘Happy Birthday!’ to my Aunt Faith.  Thanks for always encouraging me to be my boldest, most confident self and making the most of every moment in time.  Much love always.


Podcasting, greed and not wasting time on bad people.

Integrity Mr. President

America is at a cross roads.

The land of free and the home of the brave is leaderless and now demonstrating our worst traits of racism and sexism.

The highest position in government is being made into a joke while Washington, Lincoln, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan are rolling over in their graves wondering what the hell is going on.

As a former Army officer and serial entrepreneur, I understand the importance of leadership, mutual respect and above all integrity.   I understand how leading by example can affect change and succcess.   But President Trump seems to be lost in this area.  

He lacks a true understanding of America’s role on the global stage. Our status as a world power goes far beyond our military might and economic strength.  It’s something we’ve earned over decades of global leadership, standing our ground, defending our allies, opening our county to immigrants and always providing a moral compass to define the difference between right and wrong.

But in the first 100 days, Trump is destroying all of this.   

First, he fails to understand the basics of leadership and what it means to be President.   He should set an example in his words, actions and daily rhetoric.  A good first step is simply to be present. His regular weekend visits to Florida while his wife and son live in NY is NOT acceptable. Every President has understood the significance of the White House until now. Current estimates for extra security are roughly $1M a day in NYC and $3-5M for weekends at his Country Club for a whooping $1.96 billion estimated over his four year term.  (Obama, Biden and their families spent $98M over 8 years)

Second, our President is failing to uphold the Constitution.   Consistent violations of the First Amendment by restricting established and credible news outlets from White House press briefings.   This temporary action combined with Sean Spicer essentially lying to the Press while mocking them only reinforces this disgraceful situation.

Third, he lacks mutual respect and continues to stick his foot in his mouth insulting our allies and their leaders.   This will have a devastating and lasting long term effect on both our reputation and their cooperation.

Fourth, he lacks integrity.  His career is full of lawsuits, bankruptcies and taking short cuts.   His rhetoric is one of hate fueled by unsubstantiated statements (also known as lies).  He is not fit for office.

So what can we do?

We can start by living our own lives with our own integrity beyond reproach, a focus on mutual respect to our fellow man and woman and lead by example with your family, your kids and your co-workers.

Integrity Mr. President

Super charged food with bone broth 

If you didn’t know this already, bone broth is an excellent source of amino acids, minerals, and cartilage compounds that can quell inflammation, speed healing, calm allergies and combat fatigue.

So with that in mind, I’ve developed a technique to take the concentrate from the homemade Greensbury bone broth and add it directly to my venison chili.   

The result is delicious and healthy.

Super charged food with bone broth