Fly on the wall

Sometimes it’s nice to be a fly on the wall.

To observe, rather than talk.

To watch a team grow and develop their own style and processes.

This morning I randomly decided to walk into the conference room while one of our hyper-growth teams held a meeting on hiring. I thought it was great that nobody said a word, allowing me to sit quietly off to the side.

Then I was even more excited to hear about the myriad of exceptionally qualified candidates to help us expand into several new regions.

But what really impressed me was the team dynamic and how the various constituents evaluated the candidates.  They listened to each other, weighed the inputs and swiftly determined how to proceed.

In the end, I shared a few points for them to consider and we all went about our day.

This makes me proud.


Fly on the wall

To Health and Wellness

On this Yom Kippur reflection, I wanted to share some basic thoughts to a happier and healthy life.

First, be grateful for every day on this magical plant.  We all know family, friends, neighbors, soldiers who have left this world far too young.   You have a finite number of days, so be kind and make them count.

Second, love.  Love your family.  Love your neighbor.  Love your enemy.   Because it is only through love that we will find peace.

Third, health.  It’s more important than wealth, so focus on it.  You are not going to die tomorrow, but let us all try and make better decisions each day and hopefully, you realize what makes you feel good.

Fourth, balance. This is the one I personally struggle with the most.  Everyone wants to have fun and feel good, but you can’t party every day.  If you have a big weekend, then have a big week of eating healthy, going to the gym or enjoying your favorite class (yoga, cross fit, pilates, barre, boot camp, etc)

Fifth, mindfulness. For me, this means making sure every day I step on a yoga mat and play my Native Indian flute.  This allows me to have a daily practice of meditation, breathing, alignment, and stillness.

So there you have it.  Some five simple words that help me be a happier and healthier Brad.

Much love and hugs.

To Health and Wellness

Scout Ventures is hiring an associate!

Scout Ventures is looking for a rock star associate to join our team. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to work directly with the investment team and become intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm. The position will have exposure to the entire deal process from origination and due-diligence through deal structuring and post-investment portfolio management. The ideal candidate is an independent thinking, self-starting, scrappy hustler who has superior analytical skills and is well organized. This is someone who has 2-3 years of experience ideally in a startup, consulting firm, investment bank or other venture firms. Compensation will depend on the specific person and their experience, but will certainly be market competitive.

Candidate Responsibilities Include:

  • Identify and research new markets and technologies
  • Work with the Investment team to identify and develop an investment thesis
  • Identify top investment prospects
  • Model financials and cap tables
  • Contribute to due diligence processes (e.g. industry research, market mapping/sizing, financial analysis, and other data gathering). Synthesize information to draft investment memorandums
  • Update and maintain proprietary investment software system and database
  • Assist in the execution of critical back‐office infrastructure projects

Ideal candidates should have the following characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurial and positive personality, including comfort working in both structured and unstructured environments
  • Highly motivated, self-starter with the ability to work both independently and within a team context
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong core analytic toolset; financial analysis and modeling skills, and the ability to interpret data and provide relevant insights
  • A desire to learn and ability to think outside the box
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and ability to manage multiple task and priorities concurrently
  • Exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Proven ability to self-motivate and direct your own work
  • Demonstrated passion for technology and innovation

This is a two to three-year role with potential career track for exceptional candidates.

Interested candidates should send CVs and cover letters to

Scout Ventures is hiring an associate!

EP8: How to Build a Business

According to Mr. Parsons, the most important thing when building a business is partnering with the right folks – those that are complementary to you and are your “kind of folks.” If they are not your kind of folks or you don’t feed off each other, then work becomes a drag.

He then highlights the importance of focusing on setting the right “culture tone” – i.e. remind your team of the culture you are building and don’t just take charge, do what is right.



Mr. Parsons reminds us that a concerted effort far outweighs individual ones and that it is important to surround yourself with a great team of those that think with reason.

That’s it for our newest series, “An Interview with Richard Parsons”!

Thanks for following along and enjoy the rest of the content to come!

EP8: How to Build a Business

EP7: How to Measure Success

In today’s video, Mr. Parsons reminds us of the importance of perspective when evaluating success.

To oversimplify things, for an investor, this means high performance and the great returns for your LPs. However, as an entrepreneur or on a personal level, this means introspection and building a company that focuses on the right values for the entire organization.


Stay tuned for EP8!

EP7: How to Measure Success

EP5: What Makes an Effective Board Member

Having served on the Board of some of the most prominent Fortune 100 companies, Mr. Parsons sheds some light on what makes a good Board member.

When Mr. Parsons would recruit for boards, he looked for someone “available to reason.” Meaning someone who listens and evaluates a proposition and has a thoughtful course of action in response to the issue at hand.



Mr. Parsons also points out:

  1. Board members have to be collaborative as a concerted effort outperforms individual efforts when advising a company.
  2. The board is a CEOs only natural predator if you don’t have some kind of accommodation with them

Stay tuned for EP6.



EP5: What Makes an Effective Board Member