The Little Things Matter

Yesterday, I shared a simple but amazingly effective rule to bring a smile into every encounter.  And I am very happy so many people acknowledged how much they agree.

I am constantly reminded about how we can all do little things in our daily life to make a difference.

Today is recycling day in Austin.  This means that everyone has their brown trash bin, blue recycle bin and green compost bin.

It might seem like a lot of work to separate YOUR trash.  But its YOUR responsibility.

In Austin, the biggest bin is the Blue recycle bin.  This is by design.  The more we recycle the better for everyone and our planet.

Many people complain about the compost bin.  It might smell or get gross and sticky.  The city of Austin actually provides instructions on how to fill it properly (hint: the key is cardboard and yard scraps on the bottom) and also how to clean it with baking soda etc.

In our house, we’ve fully embraced the minimizing our trash footprint in the brown bin.

Yes, it takes more time cleaning up after dinner, but in the long run, if everybody spent the time to sort their trash, the world would be a better, cleaner, greener place.

So next time you go to put something in the trash, take an extra minute and see if you can sort YOUR trash, recycling, and compost.

The Little Things Matter

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