Trying Times

These are trying times.

People are more polarized than they have ever been.

Some amazing humans are focused on bringing awareness to the fact that many people around the world and in the US are not treated equally.

Other more aggressive extremists beat the drum of defeated and outdated ideologies represented by the Nazi and Confederate flags.

This continues with the backdrop of the #MeToo movement and a backlash of white male privilege.  This is now on public display in the most ridiculous supreme court confirmation process to date.

On the positive, people are awakening.  There are so many awesome groups focused on spreading a message of love, community, forgiveness, and public service.  Meditation, veganism, and socially responsible behavior are on the rise and likely at an all-time high.

But as has happened since the beginning of time, we must evolve.  Just because something was acceptable in the past, doesn’t mean it has a place in the future.

We should be excited that technology and innovation are now approaching a place where we can provide food, water, and shelter to all people.

But we need to wake up and figure out that our community is all other living creatures.

The lines of hatred, racism, and religious conflict that have divided us must come to a peaceful end.

Trying Times

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