New Beginnings

Yesterday we officially opened our new office at 65 N. Moore in Tribeca.

I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the entrepreneurs that helped us get here.

I started Brad Harrison Ventures, the predecessor to Scout Ventures, almost 8 years ago at a small Ikea desk in the corner of my bedroom.   From the first day when Niko Herman showed up to be an intern, I knew we were going to have fun.

We moved from my apartment into a squatter situation in midtown.   That office and part of the city just wasn’t a fit for us

But when John Ryu, my original venture partner, decided to leave WebMD, we moved back to Tribeca and found a brand new Regus with a spacious one room office at 99 Hudson Street.

From that office, we grew to four people, all of us unpaid.  We started to raise capital and invest. Our earliest investments in GateGuru and Olapic have both paid out significant returns and provided our LPs liquidity.

Then we decided to move to the basement of 47 Murray Street.  The office was really cool and provided us ample space to grow and expand our footprint.  Additionally, our home on Murray Street was super convenient – across the street from Equinox and only about a 1-minute walk from home.

It was in that basement that we built our initial bunker of good entrepreneurs, friends, Veterans and our advisors.  Our portfolio company, UniteUS grew from an idea to a 35 person entity provided SaaS products to help coordinate care in the human and health services sectors including Veterans.  Greensbury grew from an idea into an operating company with CEO, Ted Hopper, my old friend and colleague from AOL. We have also incubated a few other startups to include AssurelyAssurely, PortfolioWatch, MercuryXchange and a few others.

Now as we look forward to the future, we identify ourselves as investors, co-builders, and entrepreneurs.   We are now in the process of raising Fund III.  We have never been more excited about the future.  Our next step is to find the right institutional investors who can recognize all that we have been able to accomplish with limited capital, perseverance and a ton of heart.

Thanks for all the hard work from my team especially Brendan Syron, Dan Brillman and Andrew Price for helping me with the move in more ways than one.

My success is nothing without people to share it with.



New Beginnings

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