Living vs. Working 

Maybe we have life all wrong.

Are we really supposed to be born, spend 20+ years in school to get a job to then work another 45+ years before you retire and apparently then have time to enjoy the end of your life?

Every morning I walk my kids to school.  After drop-off I hear parents talking about standardized testing, trying to get their son or daughter into the right next school, tutors, SATs, applications, etc.

And at the end of the day, most of these parents ask their kids “what did you learn in school today?”

In today’s world, we send our kids to school as soon as they are old enough to tolerate separation from their parents and to socialize with other children.

It starts with pre-K, then kindergarten, then elementary school, then middle school and finally high school.  And for most of the world, college and university are the expected norm and required to get a “good” job.

But what if we have the entire system wrong.

Within 20 years, frontier technology in the form of AI, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, AR and VR are going to eliminate most of of the work force.

This will force governments to reexamine the current socioeconomic system. In a world without work, people will now need to rely on their governments for  food, water, shelter and safety. But beyond the elements of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs  will governments now be forced to think about people’s happiness and esteem?

What transformation will need to happen to our current education system to change the focus and end goal of the traditional school journey?

What if we lived in a world where at the end of the day most parents asked their kids “were you happy today?”

Living vs. Working 

2 thoughts on “Living vs. Working 

  1. Eric Harrison says:

    Brad all good thoughts brother, but I have to ask you this ? What about the trades? Is higher education really the only way to achieve a ” good job”. As I am a tradesman who finds great satisfaction in my job and I am able to provide for my family. What we need is to support our children in which ever direction they choose.
    Much love bro

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  2. Arash M says:

    If these technologies create the seemingly sci-fi future, then we should not only focus on the children who are privileged with parents that are able to focus on their happiness but also children whose parents have lost their professions due to automation.

    As for the first category of children and what the future of education holds for them, we might move, as we have throughout time, from professions that require less creativity and more known facts (farming) to professions that require more creativity and less known facts (engineering). With the cost of information decreasing with the internet and the value of search and curation also decreasing, we as humans might be able to beat the machines in creativity (I am not sure the limitation of AI). I believe the future of eduction will be more focused on issue / opportunity recognition and problem solving (engineering / mathmetician / artist / DJ) than the traditional focus on problem solving (SAT format).

    tl;dr I think teachers will aka their kids “What did you create today?”


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