Priorities for Change

I’ve been fortunate the past few weeks to spend time with my family in Wellfleet, MA and it’s allowed me to think seriously about the state of this country.

What was the point of America?   What is the goal of any state built out of revolution?

Is it not a community of people that want to live a BETTER life?

Here in the United States we’ve been so comfortable in our own world, happy to influence the politics and economics in other countries with no apparent consequence for our actions.

But since 9/11 we’ve been constantly faced with the fear of terror as our distant policies brought war to our homeland.   Our fear, while new, has been the unfortunate reality for some many people around the world for years.

But now we can see that fear has changed our way of life.   We have more police, more TSA, more regulations, and ultimately less freedom.

Ironically, we’ve been contributing to our own loss of freedom long before today.  As we’ve experienced increased government regulation, a broken healthcare system fueled by big pharma, and a political system so disconnected from the people that I don’t recognize this country.

And of course we’ve built a justice system that disproportionately punishes minorities and fuels the largest penal system in the world.

We also have lots and lots of lawyers to sue and countersue all actually contributing to less freedom.

Can my son ride his bike without a helmet?  I did.

Can my daughter play in the park two blocks from my house and walk home with her brother?  I did.

Can I allow them to do these things or is someone going to call the police to report a kid without a bike helmet playing in the park with his sister?    This is our reality.

So what’s the solution:

First, we all need to take a step back and ask what is really important.  It’s not money.  It’s not possessions.   It is the ability to appreciate LIFE each and every day.

Second, we all need to acknowledge that we are connected.   We are nothing more than the combination of dust and energy from this universe.   Black, white or any shade in between – we all come from the same hydrogen, oxygen, and other molecules.

Third, we need to realize how special our planet is.   With all the advancements in technology, we still haven’t found another Earth.   That should speak volumes and we should behave accordingly.

So America let’s start by focusing on the basics first.  Let’s make sure people have food, water, and shelter.  This means ensuring we have a healthy food supply.   There is no need for excessiveness or waste.   We should only process food as a last resort.   Let’s not contaminate our water, it is the most critical element of survival.   And let’s make sure everyone has somewhere to sleep.

Priorities for Change

One thought on “Priorities for Change

  1. Exactly. It’s awesome to hear somebody say that. If you watch series, “Stranger Things” takes place in the ’80s and really captures what it was like to grow up less than 20 years ago. The kids grab their bikes and go where they want, whenever they want, so long as they’re home for dinner.

    Not sure I would begin with those solutions, though. There is a tangible, prevailing social pressure out there that prevents people from a) loosening up or b) thinking critically. Combined with incomes that haven’t risen much since the ’70s, no wonder half the nation is stiff as a board.

    Oh, and check out our startup. 😀

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