Happy Birthday And Anniversary 

This week was amazing.  It was my birthday and anniversary.  I’m 43, married 11 years and I could not be happier, healthier or more optimistic on life.

So this week when I’ve received so much love and appreciation, I wanted to share some thoughts of my own.

First, a bunch of people have been asking lately about the blog and why I’ve committed to this.   The answer is simple – I want to share my experiences and journey to provide a perspective influenced by love, family, West Point, The Army, MIT, Robot Heart and Burningman, entrepreneurs, and all the amazing people who have crossed my path.

I want to thank my mom and dad for being amazing guides and supports through all my ups and downs.   Your love is the energy that pushed me through growing up, West Point, Ranger School, The Army, MIT, marriage, fatherhood and entrepreneurship.

Next to my beautiful wife, who loves me even though I’m crazy.   It takes one to know one.   All my heart to Angie Harrison.

Third, to my kids, Scout and Elvis.   Fatherhood is just the journey I need to evolve to the next level.  Thank you for keeping me honest and present.

And it’s important we all appreciate every trip around the Sun.   Because at some point we all have our last breathe in this current place.   And regardless of who you believe you’ll meet in the next phase – angels, ancestors, soulmates, virgins – we all must answer for the decisions you’ve made here.   And to show you’ve at least learned the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.

It’s that simple.

Happy Birthday And Anniversary 

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