Tap Tap

Amazing how small the universe can be some days. 

Two weeks ago, I found an amazing Haitian restaurant in Miami Beach named Tap Tap.   The food and live music created an exceptional atmosphere surrounded by painted murals.  I highly recommend you get some oxtail, goat and other unique dishes full of flavor.


This afternoon my friend Walt and I met with an incredible artist, Mimi Gross.  While looking at the 35 year accumulation of art, sculptures, books and photographs in her loft, I somehow mentioned Miami and the first things Mimi said was “Tap Tap.”   I told her I had been two weeks ago for the first time with my cultural attache, Bradley Harrison Bader.  She proceeded to tell me how she was friends with the owner and the artist that helped create Tap Tap.

As I was in the kitchen a few hours later I noticed this on the wall:

She then proceed to offer me a beautiful robe:

Tap Tap

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